CIAPA’s Summer Community Development Project

Dress for Success is an organization whose overall mission is to help women in their journey toward self-sufficiency.  In part this is done by assisting women entering and re-entering the work force with the tools they need for successful job interviews.  As part of this support they not only offer a close closet but also provide applicants with $10.00 gas card to help get to the actual interview.

As our summer community development project CIAPA would like to provide the local affiliate with local service stations gas cards for this purpose.  Next time you stop for gas between now and July 13, pick up a $10.00 gas card (or several if you would like) to bring to the July 13 meeting to help those entering or reentering the work force!

If you have any questions regarding our summer project you please contact me at [email protected]


Thank you,

Gayla Nesbitt

NPW/Community Development Chair