Federal Links

Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services Census Bureau
Child Support Enforcement Department of Labor - E Laws 
Department of Labor Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Fair Labor Standards Act Family Medical Leave Act
Federal Reserve E-Payments Routing Directory Internal Revenue Service
IRS_Current_Forms/Pubs Online Ordering for Information Returns and Employer Returns
Small Business Administration

Social Security Administration

State and Local Links

Iowa Civil Rights Commission     

Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance

EFT/EDI Child Support Payments Federation of Tax Administrators
State, County and Territorial Income Tax Withholding Formulas Iowa's Employer Child Support Website
Local Tax Links from APA Ryan & Company - State and Local Tax Services
Sister States Tax Directory State, County and City Guide
State Unemployment Wage Bases State Tax Central
State and Local Government on the Net

State W-4

General Links

Accountants World ADP
ADP - My Paycheck American Payroll Association
Canadian Payroll Association BNA - Resource Material Direct Deposit

HR Next

401k Help Center


I Figure

Incompetech - Calendars

Krupin O'Brien - labor law newsletters

Money Factory National Payroll Week
NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) NOLO - Plain English Legal Reference


Payroll 101
Paperless Pay Paycheck

QuickBooks Users


Savings Bonds    

Stock Options

Society for Human Resource Management

Tax Talk Today


Thomas Legislative Information Time and Date
Todd - sample resumes, letters, interview help Workplace Fairness
Your Money Page You Must Pay 

State of Iowa Links

Central Iowa Chapter of SHRM

City of Des Moines

Des Moines Chamber of Commerce

Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau
State of Iowa  

Family Links

Family Fun  The Family Web
Parenthood - Everything you want to know on parenting Plugged In Online - from Focus on the Family - music, DVD's, TV
Whole Family Talking with Kids
Youth and Family Institute - daily routines, celebrations, and other ways families choose to identify who they are